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Seattle Equine Dentistry

Seattle Equine Dental Care has a unique mission to offer resources for the dental welfare of horses. We are based out of Seattle, Washington and available to consult with veterinarians about normal and problematic dental cases. Equine dentistry consultations will be unlimited in scope and will include visits to a referring veterinarians practice to assist with forming a plan to arrive at a diagnosis for equine dentistry issues. We will also have regularly scheduled days at Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital where imaging with digital radiography, intra oral radiography, and MRI's will be available. Treatments for occlusal equilibration, periodontal disease and dental fillings will also be available.

About Dr. Robert (Bob) Gregory's Equine Dental Practice

Introduced to horses while caretaking ranches during high school, Dr Bob Gregory’s love of the horse-human bond found him following mounted cowboys on foot until he gained the riding skills to join cattle roundups. Dr. Gregory graduated with honors in 1979 from the National Veterinary school in Toulouse, France where he received a Bronze Medal for his thesis. Since 1999, Dr Gregory has focused his interest on Equine Dentistry. A dental case load of between one and two thousand horses yearly at Pilchuck Veteriary Hospital has provided a platform to share this experience with others.

Dr. Gregory is certified with the International Association of Equine Dentisty, an American Associations of Equine Practitioners Dentistry Committee member, and a dental consultant for Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital in Snohomish, Washington.

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